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Sr. Ranjini
Kurseong Disha



Sr. Ranjini H. C.

Father’s Name:

Late Mr. Sebastian




Masters’ in Ecology and Environment


14 years working in the field of Environment

Name of the Organization:

“Kurseong DISHA” – A Society for Environmental Protection, initially known as “Mamring-Toryok Farmers’ Association. At the time of registration, it is renamed as “Kurseong DISHA”

Sr.Ranjini, the chair person of the project has initiated this society. She has sufficient experience in environmental field. She is the Secretary of the organization (KURSEONG DISHA).Sr.Ranjini has a Masters’ degree in Environmental science. The local community cooperates with Sr.Ranjini and has full trust and confidence in her. She collaborates with the local Panchayat in all the development activities. The DFO and the Forest Department and the Agriculture Department of Kurseong are very supportive to give any kind of technical support.

Sr.Ranjini belongs to the order named ‘Sisters of the Mercy of the Holy Cross’. The founder of this Institute, Fr.Theodosius Florentini OFM Cap, and the co-foundress, Sister M.Theresa Scherer found the need of the time as will of God. Our founders recognized the call of God in the need of the time. Hence, the MOTTO of the Congregation is: ‘The NEED of the TIME is the WILL of God.’
The Congregation, ‘Sisters of the Mercy of the Holy Cross’ known as ‘Holy Cross Sisters, follow Franciscan Spirituality or following the lifestyle of St.Francis of Assisi, who is the patron saint of Ecology. St.Francis became a brother to the poor and rejected and in fact, to every creature. He addressed brother Sun, Mother Earth, Sister water and lived one with the creation. He sought and lived poverty and our founders used all their energy for the uplift of the poor.

Sr.Ranjini was teaching in different schools in Bihar, Jharkhand, and Darjeeling for 17 years. Inspired by the life of St.Francis and the founders, Fr.Theodosius and Sister M.Theresa Scherer, she left the comfort zone of institutions and chose to live for the protection of mother Earth and simultaneously, works for sustainable development and alleviation of poverty. She believes this call to work for the Mother Earth is a call within the call to live as a Holy cross Sister. The earth is facing the biggest ever crisis for survival. Therefore, we, Holy Cross sisters believe the need of the present time is to take care of the Mother Earth which is in peril. For this reason Sr.Ranjini, makes all possible effort to take care of the devastated Environment.
Location: Kurseong DISHA Centre
Lower Mamring Busty
P. O. Bagora - 734 224
Via Tung
Dist Darjeeling
West Bengal
Correspondence: Kurseong DISHA Centre
Holy Cross Convent
St. Mary's Hill
Kurseong - 734 220
Dist Darjeeling
West Bengal
Phone No: +91 89066 25424 / +91 89724 57811
E-Mail: ranjini_seb@yahoo.co.in

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