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Programme on Organic Farming

Farmers’ exposure cum Agriculture training at KVK Kalimpong

"Kurseong DISHA" is in touch with 37 villages and mobilizing the farmers for organic farming and helps the unemployed women for income generating programmes.
Skill Development Programme

Students of Skill Development Programme

In the year 2013, ‘Kurseong DISHA team members while mobilizing the farmers in different remote areas for organic farming, came across many women and unemployed youth involved in construction work. We also found many women and men sitting idle and some loiter around without having proper occupation, some chewing tobacco and many drinking and addicted to drug. In certain areas the girls are taken to cities by the agents promising them to give work in beauty parlors. A few of those girls had studied hardly up to class 3. The team got the information that the situation of some of those girls who went is not so favorable. At this juncture, the chairperson heard about Salesian College at Sonada is launching a ‘Skill Development Programme’ under the banner of ‘SKILLING INDIA’ shortly. This programme gives skill training and placement, soon after completion of three months’ training. This scheme has option for Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Floriculture, Mushroom Cultivation, Tailoring and Fashion Designing, Beauticians’ Course, Carpet Weaving & Embroidery; and Travel and Tourism Management. Hearing this, the Chairperson approached the concerned authority to conduct the skill training prgramme in Kurseong DISHA Social Centre in Mamring Busty. The women from remote villages cannot afford to go and stay in the town for training as the cost of rent or paying guest is very high. Thus, in the year 2014 on October 16th, Skill Training Programme was launched in Kurseong DISHA centre in Lower Mamring Busty with 72 drop out youths.
Here, the building of Disha is utilized and supervision of the training will be done by Disha Administration and the instructors and their salary will be taken care by DBTech (Don Bosco Society).
The skill Development programme enables the women, and youth as a whole, to get a job and take care of their livelihood. It prevents them from unsafe migration. Very often the women migrate to the cities due to poverty and unemployment. Sometimes, the women are trapped by the traffickers due to their poor financial status at home. The skill Development Training empower the youth, especially women to stand on their own feet.

Interfaith Gathering 2018 during Diwali celebration

Interfaith Diwali Celebration

Interfaith gathering is another innovative programme of Kurseong Disha. We organize it every year during Christmas season. This year we decided to organize it during Diwali Festival. On 3rd November 2018 we had a grand Diwali celebration with representatives from all religions.

Orange Day Celebration:

Orange Day - a Campaign against Human Trafficking

In the year 2016 a socio-pastoral meeting held in Hazaribag, Jharkhand and the resource persons were from International Justice Mission, a NGO working in rescue operation of trafficked victims, suggested to invite the church to join the fight to end slavery. They recommended us to invite the communities/parishioners to join the fight through praying, advocating and volunteering. September 24th 2017 was observed globally as anti-human trafficking Day. Therefore, on September 24th 2017, an awareness camp on human trafficking was conducted for the people of Mamring
Violence against women and girls is a human right violation. It devastates lives, causes untold pain, suffering and illness. It is a major obstacle to sustainable development. The situation of women and girls in India calls for our response in preventing and ending violence on them.
‘Orange Day’ is a campaign against Human Trafficking especially women and girls. The United Nations clarion call to UNITE to End the violence especially against women and girls invites us to “Orange the World” using the colour designated by the United Nations Secretary General’s Campaign UNITE to End Violence against human being especially women symbolize a bright future without violence. According to the data found, many girls from Darjeeling, West Bengal as a whole, also are being trafficked. West Bengal has the highest rate of incidents of human trafficking. 20000 people are trafficked in the year 2016 alone in our country. Trafficking has become the biggest business. It is to amass wealth in short time.
Therefore, it is our moral duty to safeguard the precious life of our fellow human being from violence by Awareness Campaign and rescue operation.
Orange, the bright and optimistic colour is expected to represent a future free from violence against human beings especially women and girls. This campaign calls for ending all forms of violence against women including trafficking and other forms of sexual violence and harmful practices.
We observed ‘Orange Day’ on 30th of December 2017 in Kurseong Disha Centre, Lower Mamring Busty. A protest rally was organized by Kurseong Disha, together with local people, students of Mamring Higher Secondary School, Holy Cross Primary School and students of skill Development, which started from Mayalu Dara, upper Toryok and concluded in Disha centre with an awareness program. The resource persons, Miss. Rangu Sauria and her team addressed the gathering.
Awareness camp on Human Trafficking

Awareness camp on Human Trafficking

On 8th March 2018 the International Women’s Day a mass awareness programme on human trafficking was organized in Sonada.
Installing Smokeless Stove in remote areas:

Training for installation of Smokeless Stove to arrest Air Pollution

Simultaneously, DISHA carries on training in organic farming, mushroom cultivation, tree plantation during monsoon and installing smokeless stove in the remote areas to arrest carbon emission.

We look forward to starting ‘Beauty and Wellness’ domain in the forthcoming batch along with Hospitality Management and General Duty Assistant’s Training programme.
Square Meter Vegetable Gardening:

Sr. Ranjini teaching SMVG to the Locals

The Chairperson, Sr. Ranjini was working in collaboration with SASAC (ST.ALPHONSUS’ SOCIAL & AGRICULTURAL CENTRE). Late Fr. Joseph Murray Abraham S.J. was the founder of SASAC. Sr. Ranjini did the training in organic farming in SASAC and was promoting the same method,
SMVG (SQUARE METER VEGETABLE GARDENING) that she learned in SASAC in different areas of Mamring-Toryok. The project activities are executed in rural and urban areas of Darjeeling Hills. Also, wherever, the resource persons are needed out of Darjeeling, Sr. Ranjini and team conducts environmental awareness workshop for students, farmers, women and unemployed youth.
Distribution of Solar Lanterns:

Distribution of Solar lanterns to the villagers

There was no electricity connection yet when MTFA was formed. Therefore, with the help of SGP, a population of 5500 got benefit from replacement of fossil fuel with solar light service. People in Mamring-Toryok areas used naked kerosene lamps for lighting purpose. In 2005,478 households got solar lanterns which gave light three to four hours which reduced indoor air pollution and improved the health of the inmates, specially women and children.


  • A population of 5600 is benefiting from replacement of fossil fuel with solar light source which reduced indoor pollution.
  • Improved health of the inmates esp- women & children in 478 households.
  • The beneficiaries saved an average of rs.180/month by not using kerosene for lighting purpose.
Herbal Garden:

Student preparing the Herbal Garden

The SHGs also set up herbal garden in their respective areas. They were instructed in dispensary of Mamring, run by Holy Cross Sisters, what and how to use different herbs for different illnesses. The dispensary gets over 2000 patients annually and 30% of them are treated by herbal medicines since the project has been implemented. The ailments that are treated by herbal medicines are jaundice, asthma, urinary infection, piles, high blood pressure, dysentery, diarrhoea, common cold and fever.

Tree Pantation by students

Afforestation programme was organized by MTFA during monsoon.12000 saplings of 16 different species of trees are planted in different landslide prone areas of Upper, Middle and Lower Mamring in the year 2006. Herbal garden and tree plantation increased the forest cover and biodiversity of the region. SMVG also enhanced the Biodiversity. Training in compost preparation for organic farming is an inseparable part of the project.
Other Programmes:

Jam prepared by the members of SHG

Alternative livelihood through mushroom cultivation, preparation of marmalade, jam and pickle, weaving bags is an added activity for women in SHGs. The SGP brought a new awakening in this remote area. The generous support of Dr.Durga Neopaney, the liberal guidance, advice and encouragement of Sri.Prabhjot Sodhi, the National Coordinator and Dr.D.P.Rath, the Regional Coordinator of GEF-SGP, is very much significant in the development of the project. This project was from 2005-2007 and while implementing the project, procedure to register the CBO was also done simultaneously.
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